A wave of becoming. Writings to touch the essence. 

Ūrmi means wave, current, or flow in sanskrit. However, in this context, it carries the meaning 'wave of existence.' 

Here we are referring to each human being as a wave. Each wave is unique, although holding the same qualities, we are each here to realize who we are and manifest that through what we create in the world. In other words, to understand our uniqueness (i.e. authenticity) as this wave and therefore simultaneously understand the role we play in the grand ocean. 

This space has been created to help us touch what is natural. An intrinsic element that each of us holds, in the same way that a single wave contains the same salinity as the whole ocean. 

My mission is to live inspired by placing my attention, the super-faculty of consciousness, on the beautiful, natural, and mystical elements of life. 

I intend for my life to be an inspiration to others; a light demonstrating and guiding  others to trust in life and Her processes. 

Ūrmi is a creation that inevitably helps me on my path to actualizing the Self (i.e. my wave).

Here, I will bring forth the revelations from my life process in hopes of connecting to you in your journey.   

We're all a part of the same ocean. 

Ūrmi is here to participate in creating a better world. We believe this starts with more authentic and connected relationships. 

The more we can see our interconnectedness the less the disease of separation, and us versus them, will plague the Earth. All waves have their place here and they are all emerging from the same body of water. 

I want to hear from you! If my writings touch the essence for you, have some input, or would just like to connect please send me a message. 

The Ocean can exist without the waves, but the waves cannot exist without the Ocean.

-Paramahansa Yogananda


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