Ūrmi strives to weave a thread between you and I.

Ūrmi means wave, current, or flow in sanskrit. However, in this context, it carries the meaning 'wave of existence.' The idea being that our human existence is similar to a wave. 

We emerge, fulfil our potential, and submerge back into where we came from. Given the premise of this idea, we can then say that we are all connected by the underlying energy of consciousness (hence, the ocean). Our wave is our individuality. We are unique in qualities, but of the same substance. 

The content here will ultimately rely on my personal experience and the discoveries I have made through the self-study of my wave. Nothing written here is a finished thought and most likely will change over the course of time. My beliefs and viewpoints are constantly adapting as my perception shifts and my awareness expands. My intention is that through these writings we can, together, find more meaning. 

Who Am I?

A question that cannot be answered precisely because I'm still figuring it out (and will be eternally). However, here's what I have so far:

I am Jaden Ramsey.

A man committed to Truth (capital-T), that which goes beyond limits. I am on a journey of exploring the subtle realms of everyday existence in order to refine myself, so that my gifts can be shared clearly and authentically with the world.

I am here to give myself fully to all of my relationships, the ultimate being with life itself. With the breath that animates me.

I choose to live inspired, always finding the extraordinary in the mundane. I choose to live in solidarity with my fellow citizens of the world, meeting beyond culture, doctrine, creed, and color.

I am learning "how to be so that others may be free."

**If you want to read more about me and my journey, check out my Awakening the Self article.