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Let Your Fruit Ripen

There’s something about nature that peels you back if you allow it. Like the seed of a tree, the intelligence of our unique consciousness is embedded within. Our gifts are inside, ready to be opened and exposed to the external world. It’s a process that can’t be skipped, though. As Thomas Huebl would say “you can’t fly out of LAX when you’re standing at London Heathrow.” It takes a couple of steps to get there and it’s impossible without those steps.

However, we often are far ahead of ourselves. A plan enables us to map out what we need to do to get to where we want to go, but the mind can use this as a springboard into the future.

I’m experimenting with living my life in a way that the answers are revealed to me as I walk. Of course, I have some sort of plan, but moreover, I’m listening to THE plan and doing my best to remain open to that. Trusting my inner intelligence and allowing my seed to sprout.

Nature strips back many of the ideas of how I think I should live and shows me exactly how I am meant to live. It allows the fruit of a tree to ripen before it drops. Of course, our growth moves in the same way because we are not removed from nature. There are things in us that ripen over time. That of which, if we permit, can help us live far beyond what we think is possible.

I believe it’s inherently good and natural to be committed to growth, but I see this more as a commitment to the process rather than the outcome. If I commit only to a certain outcome or want my fruit to ripen faster, I’m removed from my process and fear is directing me. It’s because I can’t be with the way things are right now that I have the desire to get somewhere else or develop quickly. I’m in a rush and running somewhere else because I’m afraid of being intimate with this moment.

This, in my opinion, is where a plan can ruin us. If we’re uncomfortable with now, we can see the steps ahead, jumping to those and faking it until we make it. Essentially, we can fool ourselves into thinking we’re at a certain stage in our development, but it’s simply an unconscious bypass of several previous stages. Moreover, you can never fool nature, so irritations will appear in our lives unwelcomed, but be steady allies for fostering humility.

What happens when I allow the devotion to my life process to take over, though? To commit to myself that no matter how hard is, how much I dislike parts of myself, how long it takes, and even if it seems like I’ll never get ‘there,’ I'm unquestionably and unshakably here with myself as I am.

This is where I turn life over from my will to thy will. In this, I feel a deeper level of trust in the inherent intelligence of nature and it feels like I can truly rely on something greater than myself. And with that trust, I have found new levels of creativity emerge because I’m connected to the creative force itself. Life becomes spontaneous and curiosity re-emerges as a guide in my life.

So, I’m proposing that we aim for a commitment to the part of us that already knows what it’s meant to be. To enable ourselves to follow what we’re already creating inside and authorize it to be expressed in the world.

May we trust in the highest authority, that one within. To have all our schemes, plans, and goals, not throwing them out, but creating a deeper foundation of trust in what is becoming. To understand that life is carrying us to the destination anyway.

All it takes is an inner alignment. I’m not saying that this is always an easy thing to do - there are many boundaries and limitations to finding inner alignment - but we’re devoted, so it becomes effortless through our commitment..

¨You may seem to be the microcosm;

In fact, you are the macrocosm.

The branch might seem like the fruit’s origin:

In fact, the branch exists because of the fruit.

Would the gardener have planted the tree at all without the desire and hope for fruit?

That’s why the tree is really born from the fruit,

Even if it seems the fruit is created by the tree.

The idea which comes first, comes last in realization.

Particularly the idea which is eternal.¨

-Jalal al-Din Rumi