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On Commitment and Dharma

As we walk we awaken to new levels of commitment in ourselves. Where we thought we were committed before, will be revealed as only a partial allegiance. This usually comes through challenge and strife, which is humbling, but it brings us more energy and strength in the path we are pursuing. Ultimately, awakening to new levels of commitment is simply a call to trust in our creative force. To have faith in the guiding light which allows the unfoldment of who we are.

The beautiful part about living a life devoted to what’s emerging from within, is that it is one in favor of acknowledging our individual piece of the whole. Only you can bring forth what is in you. So again, it’s a commitment to who you are, your essence. Time and space must be given to your development process because it allows you to create the conditions to bring forward your purpose, your Dharma.

The hard part is that time and space directed towards your purpose requires a turning away from many other opportunities, to serve the most eminent opportunity. This is the most challenging part of commitment because it removes the perceived options. Many ¨options¨ are a part of what takes you away from the most precious thing, your calling. The commitment is an agreement to trust in the gift you have been given and to fully rely upon it to pull you towards your potential.

The way I see it, the first step in living life on purpose, literally living on top of your purpose, is creating the condition for your gifts to come forth. Once your calling is revealed, you must pursue it with faith and the steadiness of a lion hunting its prey.

Why? Because:

¨If you bring forth that which is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.¨ - Gospel of Thomas

I believe we are here to serve. To give ourselves fully to the world. The expression of such manifests in as many ways as there are people. The quote from the Gospel of Thomas penetrates the idea that the most intimate part of yourself must find a way to express itself in the world because it will ¨save¨ you. I interpret ¨save¨ as what you bring forth helping to realize your unity with the whole. When you feel your interconnectedness, suffering ceases to exist.

Your purpose is a process, too, though. It is natural for the level of commitment to increase over time. It seems that’s why you’re here- to discover and bring forth your gifts. Unearthing your calling is like learning something new. At first, you’re clumsy, awkward, confused, and trying hard to get it. But as you learn, the confidence builds and whatever you’re learning becomes second nature, it becomes a part of you. The trust and belief in the gift increase as you grow into it, therefore new levels of commitment or re-commitment are a natural outcome.

Dharma is an uncovering of what has been inside all along and each step that you take is a part of the discovery. It’s ever-evolving and revealing itself. Given that you must take a step, it is implied that it is a voyage into unknown territory. A leap of faith. You meet a crossroads where you have to choose between something new, innovative, inspiring, yet mysterious and risky or an old, maybe outdated, way of looking at the world. And it is at this crossroads that a new level of commitment emerges from the choice.

A new pathway is illumined. Along the way, we meet parts of ourselves that we never knew existed. As we approach our Dharma, who we truly are begins to reveal itself as an organic overflow from our being. Living on purpose is about establishing clarity and this clarity comes first through the commitment to ¨finding out¨ as we wander.